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Debbie pope’s cranial sacral report

B: Debbie Pope’s Cranial Sacral Report


CranioSacral Therapy Centre
34 Crow Street
Burwood East
Victoria, 3151

September 25, 2004

Dr John Upledger
Upledger Institute
West Palm Beach
Florida, USA

Dear Dr Upledger

I am one of the CS1 instructors, residing in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. I have been teaching for the UI since 1999, and have a private practice here in Melbourne. I am an Occupational Therapist, and am currently studying osteopathy (finishing 2nd year), which is broadening my clinical scope somewhat.

I would like to discuss with you, a gentleman who was brought to be seen by me on September 23, 2004 by Guruji’s secretary, a chiropractor from CANADA who is visiting Australia. She contacted me a month ago to ask if I would be willing to meet with Guruji, a 41 year old East Indian psycho spiritual preacher whom she has treated previously and has found extremely interesting.

Guruji’s name at birth was Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, born 20/02/63.

Guruji reports that since his spiritual gift was given to him about 10 years ago, he has been noticing physical changes in his body, as his spiritual development has progressed. Both Guruji and His secretary are interested in objectively documenting changes that are occurring, subjecting Guruji to medical testing while in AUSTRALIA to begin documenting changes from now on. He has participated in X-ray testing of his vertebral column, with comments by the recording Chiropractor that his spine looked as though it belongs to a much younger person, one who has matured (over 18 years of age), but not more than 22 years of age, by report.

He has also had biofeedback testing, which also demonstrated some unusual and interesting results, by report. According to Guruji, the results show that he has simultaneous high levels of parasympathetic and sympathetic activity (the report will be following soon).

During my CST session with Guruji, it became apparent that his CSR was extremely slow (one cycle = 90-92 seconds), with an obvious and very palpable neutral point. His breathing is abdominal, with little chest movement, and Guruji feels as though his method of breathing is changing drastically. His cervico-thoracic junction shows little flexion and no hypertonicity of musculature (unusual in a man of his age), and his cervical vertebrae translate well side to side. His dural tube felt quite tough and resilient at the OA junction and the occipital lobe felt charged with ‘electricity’.

This is an interesting gentleman who shows unusual characteristics in his unconscious functioning. Guruji and His secretary are both eager to allow further research into physical and autonomic function changes that they feel are occurring as a result of spiritual development.

They would be extremely interested for you to consider further researching this phenomenon, as it is known to them that you are the expert in the field of CranioSacral Therapy, and encourage research and development into the growing but little understood field relating physiology and spirituality.

I would strongly recommend your consideration to meet with this gentleman, who is willing to travel to see you and engage in further detailed research.

Yours sincerely,


Brain MRI

Thermal Imaging

Spine MRI

" The Augmentation and Aortic reflection show the amount of stiffness seen in a person 20-25 years younger"
–Dr. John Levin, Anti-Aging Specialist, Australia
" The pituitary fossa is the largest ever found in a healthy subject with fully functioning body having excellent health"
–Dr Shailendra Patil, India