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Dr rico provasoli’s comments on mr.trivedi’s spine.

D: Dr Rico Provasoli‘s comments on Mr.Trivedi’s Spine.


I have been in private practice as a doctor of chiropractic since 1976 with a diploma from Palmer College in Iowa. I have been licensed by the Board of Examiners in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii and California. I have been on staff for more than a year at an orthopedic hospital in Italy and an international clinic in France. I have traveled widely and visited more than fifty countries and examined spinal complaints in thousands of patients with whom I did not share more than a few words of common language.

In August of 2009 Mahendra Kumar Trivedi asked me to make an examination of his spine while he was visiting the San Francisco area. He came to my office around mid-day with no presenting complaints. Since my exam on that day I have read other orthopedic reports and reviewed the MRIs and X-Rays posted on his website. I must conclude 100% agreement with what previous exams have found. At age 46 Mr. Trivedi demonstrates a range of motion (ROM) similar to what we might expect in an adolescent. His cervical spine was fluid and joint facets glided with an ease that is highly unusual for a man of his age. He could rotate his neck to touch his chin to either shoulder, then his lateral flexion allowed him to take each ear to the shoulder. Forward bending demonstrated a flexion of his chin to his sternum (chest bone). All three of these tests suggest an elasticity in his connective tissue beyond any clinical standard I have witnessed or read in a professional journal.

The occiput (skull) was parallel to his shoulders with no distortion in alignment. The normal cervical lordosis (curve arching forward) was intact and no signs of distortion to the transition between cervical and thoracic spine was evident. The lumbar spine also was highly mobile with a healthy lordosis apparent as the lower spine joined with the lumbo-sacral joint. The paraspinal muscles were very well developed with a mass consistent with a professional athlete. But Mr. Trivedi confesses to very little physical exercise to explain the strong muscles in his low back.

The crests of his ilium (hip bones) were parallel and the flexibility in his acetabulum –femur (hip socket) was nothing less than impressive. His general state of flexion-extension in his pelvis was not unlike a twelve year old female Olympic gymnastics champion.

The balance and almost perfect juxtaposition of the spinal curves, the impressive mobility of his neck, thorax and lumbar spine, the extreme flexibility in his low back, pelvis and legs both forward and back are worthy of note. There have been descriptions in medical annals of people in their late 20s or early 30s who demonstrate “double-jointedness” with their circus acts, but the report of careful examination of Mr. Trivedi is clearly in another class of spinal physiology which does not appear to fit into any other category.

I heartily agree with fellow practitioners who find highly unusual states of flexibility in his spine, outstanding health of his spinal curves and general muscle tone of a young athlete.

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