Biography of Expert

Pip McCahon is running three Medical Infrared Digital Imaging Clinics in AUSTRALIA – Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney. This very sophisticated technology comes from the United States, where Pip McCahon received her training and continues to be involved as a presenter for professional development conferences with the American Academy of Thermology.

Thermal Imaging (in relation with Sympathetic Nervous System )

Control and regulation of body temperature, called thermal regulation, is the most important role of the Sympathetic nervous system because fluctuations in temperature destroy the vital enzymes, neurotransmitters and peptides necessary for the cells to produce energy and keep the body alive.

The Sympathetic nervous system controls body temperature through distribution of blood flow according to the neurological and arterial pathways of the body. The normal core body temperature is 360Celsius, 98.6Fahrenheit, and the surface temperature is normally about 33-340Celsius unless there is nerve impingement, circulatory pathology, spinal cord injury or serious neurological disease.

A healthy person’s surface temperature should be symmetrical, the same on the right and the left. Medical Infrared Digital Imaging (MIDI) technology has established scientifically sound parameters which states that any deviation from the symmetrical evenness of a healthy pattern, is accompanied by some type of pain, dysfunction and symptoms that range from numbness and tingling to paralysis.

Pip McCahon – Thermology Analyst from Australia performed Medical Infrared Digital Imaging on Mr.Trivedi. The findings indicated that his lowest body temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest body temperature is 950 Fahrenheit only (20 to 350Celsius).

Mr.Trivedi’s body has extreme temperature contrasts of 4.50centigrade within a few inches in each hand and each foot (distance from the finger tips to center of palm and distance from the ends of the toes to the ankle). There was a 7centigrade difference between his upper torso and his abdomen, and 50centigrade between the front and back of his torso. There is asymmetry from right to left side and there were patterns of extreme temperature contrast in 40-50 locations throughout the body that were completely unique.

Medical Infrared Digital Imaging report

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